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The following images were scanned by me from issues of "Justice League," "Flash," "Detective Comics" and "Elongated Man." A few are touched up by me. I've tried to give the artist credit when I have it handy, but it goes without saying that all images are property of DC Comics.

'Some people certainly are sick!' Ralph mocks Batman 'What?'

Ralph and Sue watch the "Sparkers" fly overhead in Philadelphia in JLA: Mid-summer's Nightmare. Ralph isn't called to join the other JLA members because Batman didn't think to look up the name Ralph Dibny in the phone book! (He also somehow misses Guy Gardner and Jack Knight, too!) Art by Johnson and Robertson.

Ralph and Sue together again! Forced to separate from Ralph and become Sonar's consort, Sue sends Ralph a secret message that she still loves him and the couple reunite…swiping the detonator from Sonar's ultimate weapon while she's at it! -- Sniff -- Ain't love grand? From JLE #50, the conclusion to Gerard Jones' best Justice League story arc, "Red Winter." A sequel to Jones' Elongated Man mini-series, it is enhanced by the excellent artwork of Ron Randall, one of the best of the current Elongated Man artists. Ralph then delivers a fantastic punch to Sonar's chin!

I've gained newfound appreciation for the talents of Carmine Infantino after viewing some of his Silver Age Detective Comics work! Fight scenes like this one and this one take a semi-serious approach to Ralph's powers. He's no laughingstock when it comes to combat. Imagine Jackie Chan with rubber limbs! Wow!

Sue running and complaining in a bikini - Ron Randall
Sue struts in a bikini - Ron Randall
Cheesecake Shot! Sue in a bikini (touched up by me to remove word balloons) - Ron Randall
Elongated Man springs from a puddle - Ron Randall
Jewel thievery
Ralph musing that Batman's gone - Ron Randall
Ralph forms a bulldog - Mike Parobeck
An excellent pose of Ralph walking - Alan Davis
Why EM doesn't stand too close to Wally
Animal Man cover - Ralph with Animal Man, Rocket Red and Metamorpho
Ralph demonstrates one of the everyday advantages of having a rubber body!
Divorce Proceedings
JLE cover - Ralph about to be beheaded by a suit of armor - Ron Randall
Ralph battles Hawkman
JLE cover - Hal Jordan returns to the JLE - Ron Randall
JLE cover - Metamorpho attacks - Ron Randall
Elongated Man saving Robin from a missile - Alan Davis
Riding the Missile - Alan Davis
Birthday Mystery
Ralph shakes Flash's hand at the end of his very first appearance!
Ralph surprises Fire and Ice
Ralph takes a big stride - Ron Randall
Ralph's a crazy guy! - Ron Randall
You could say he's a little warped - Ron Randall

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