Superhero Characters from The Tri-Metro

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Superhero Characters from The Tri-Metro

Postby thehutch » Wed Mar 05, 2014 3:09 am

These are character briefs, just to recover what we can and get a basic overview.

Members of the
Magnitude - Premier superhero of the modern age. Strength, flight, invulnerability and a wide array of mental powers.
Nitro Night and Dinah Might - Father-daughter crime-fighting duo who have an explosive motif instead of darkness and bats.
XLR-8 - High-speed robot from the future.
Battle-Axe - Shape-changing metal woman who looks like a middle aged mom.
Bamboo Baboon - Taiwanese mystic martial artist (a la Crouching Tiger) who wields an unbreakable bamboo staff.
Starshield - A hero with a star insignia on his left palm. Able to fire force blasts and emit force fields; otherwise, his powers are internalized. (Put that same energy into his feet, he can run fast or jump high. Put it in his hands, he can crush a gun.)
John Q. Alien - Alien from a far distant galaxy. (So distant he will never see another of his kind.) Despite his appearance, he is everyone's friend because he can read minds and know the best way to interact with them. Has many strange powers.

Bounceback - Stretchy martial artist
Forewarned - Four armed hand-to-hand combatant who can see glimpses of the future. (Forewarned is four armed.)

More to come.
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